A collection of their very best performances over the years on PBS Television Concerts

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  Featuring :

1. Opening Comments

2. There's a Meetin' Here Tonight

3.The Lion Sleeps Tonight

4.El Matador

5. Scotch and Soda

6. They Call the Wind Maria

7. Comments by Joe Paterno

8. Good News

9. Coal Tattoo

10. New York Gals

11. The Patriot Game

12. Zombie Jamboree
(Back to Back)

13. Bimini

14. Tribute to the von Trapp Family
by Tony Anzalone, Deborah Anzalone and Barbara Anzalone

15. Motzi Ben

16. Four Strong Winds

17. Eidelweiss

18. Last Thing On My Mind

19. Reuben James

20. Early Morning Rain

21. Bonnie Hielan' Laddie

22. End Comments

23. Reverand Mr. Black

live from pbs

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